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A couple ?'s

Are any Scott trained facilitator's still training others and/or leading workshops? Has the research on effective Trauma treatment and Attachment Damage treatment ( successful) been integrated into your teachings at all? Thanks !

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"locator" link or option by zip code?

Would not a "locator" link or option to find a local FCE group by zip code be a good addition to this web site?

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Question regarding the FCE email

Lately, and several times in a row now, I have been sending information to FC using the [email protected], only to have my emails systematically bounce. This is what I get: Address not found Your message wasn't delivered to [email protected] because the address couldn't be found or is unable to receive email. Can somebody investigate this please? I use gmail, and everything else work fine, but for this address. Thierry

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Support and a question

It would be nice if there was somewhere to show our support for the St Croix group Also not clear what the qualifications for the facilitators should be

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