Participating in a Community Building Event

Learning the Principles of Community Building

A group of people do not become a genuine community easily or accidentally. There are certain principles which a group learns as they develop into a community. The most important reason for your participation in the workshop is to learn these principles experientially. In order to share in the community building experience fully, it is important to commit to these very basic principles:


A true community is inclusive, and its greatest enemy is exclusivity. Groups who exclude others because of religious, ethnic, or more subtle differences are not communities.


Please commit to staying for the entire experience. When individuals leave or withdraw because of difficulties building community, they deprive the group of their unique talents and insights. Be prepared to persevere through periods of frustration, anxiety, and even despair. Such periods are normal as part of the community building process. Participation takes many forms. Speaking is not required; non-verbal participation can be as powerful as other forms. However, it is important to be attentive and involved.


Please be on time for all seminar sessions as part of your commitment to participation.


Confidentiality is an essential measure of respect for participants in the group. Therefore, tape recorders are not allowed.