The CB Experience

During a community building workshop--15-18 hours, or two days-- the ultimate goal of the group is to become a real community. Community can be defined best in the following manner:

A group of people, who, despite the diversity of their previous history, have been able to accept and transcend their differences, thus enabling them to communicate effectively and openly and to cooperate in working toward a recognizable goal or for the common good of the group

This level of development of the group--the state of community--requires authentic opening and connecting of the heart. It flows, equally, from an awareness and understanding of the self and of relations with others, particularly with the other participants in the workshop.

The aim of this experience is:

▪  To increase competence in relations between individuals and groups

▪  To grow in self-awareness

▪  To develop one’s capacity for personal choices with a view to serve a relation or a group

In order that this may happen, it is essential that participants come to the workshop with a firm intention of recognizing one’s own truth.

If you are in therapy at present, participation should be discussed with your therapist as the experience may be demanding.

The participants learn to recognize key attitudes and techniques as well recognizing their own personal barriers to effective communication, and thus become aware of the characteristics of genuine community.

The facilitators, trained by FCE. support the group’s progress, as they use stories, periods of silence, and give occasional feedback to stimulate constructive listening and self-awareness.


The intensity of the experience may be exhausting. Therefore, we suggest that you do not over-schedule your free time. You will probably need that time for rest, reflection, and integration of the experience.

Feel free to dress casually.

While personal issues may be addressed, the event is not intended to result in their resolution.

Finally, if you have any questions about these guidelines, please bring them up with the leaders during the time set aside at the beginning of the workshop.