Join us for a community building workshop followed by a dialogue on race.

“Racism has reemerged, dramatically and forcefully. All of us – people of color and white people alike – are damaged by its debilitating effects. We have yet to make a serious impact on the racism that surrounds us and is within us.”

-Joseph Brandt ‘Dismantling Racism’ 


What is Community Building?

Community Building is a group process developed by The Foundation for Community Encouragement that provides the opportunity to learn and practice methods that foster deep connections and promote authenticity between individuals and the larger world. Experiential in nature, the workshops are based on a set of guidelines and principles rather than an agenda or particular procedure. In light of recent events, we at Moved To Speak (a collaborative effort in the Chicago Metropolitan Area) have decided to sponsor another FCE Community Building Workshop followed by an evening set aside to discuss how we can action-plan to help build a racially just, multiracial and multicultural society.

During the two day workshop we will endeavor to build a temporary community to create and foster acceptance. Participants will learn a new language that is empowering and respectful. Time tested skills and guidelines include learning how to listen deeply, tolerate ambiguity and welcome silence. 

Program Fee & Participant Information

This is a two day Community Building Workshop with room for an optional third day should you choose to stay for the Sunday evening dialogue. The workshop begins Saturday morning at 9am till 5pm. It will resume Sunday morning and again run from 9am till 5pm. Participants may then decide to stay for a Sunday evening discussion with a possible Monday morning action plan or agenda. The program fee is $99 and includes meals. Rooms are available for those who wish to sleepover at the cost of $35 per night. The basic schedule will be as follows:

  •   Saturday 9am till 5pm Introduction, Community Building

  •   Sunday 9am till 5pm Community Building continues, closure

  •   Sunday evening (optional) Dialogue and Action planning session

  •   Monday morning (optional) Implementation 

Location & Accommodations
The Community Building Workshop will be held at the Maria Kaupas Center on Chicago’s South Side at 2740 West 68th Street, right next to Holy Cross Hospital. Interested persons must register with John Schuller or Dan Sichelski at:
After January 1st the workshop registration fee increases to $125. It is our goal to make these workshops inclusive and available to everyone. Scholarships are available on a limited basis. Requests for scholarships should be made at least three weeks before the workshop. This workshop will be led by FCE facilitators Brenda Crawford and Richard Kleiner. Further information about the Community Building process can be found at Moved To Speak or the website of The Foundation for Community Encouragement at www.FCE- 

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